Add a payment gateway to Weebly pages

add payment gateway to weebly

Don't Want To Upgrade To Collect Online Payments?

Weebly enables the ability to collect payments from your store products when you upgrade to their Pro Plan for $18/month (or $144/year). Additionally, Weebly charges you a 3% transaction fee in addition to the per transaction fee of your payment gateway.

payMyPage payment pages help you collect online payments using special payment links from your website, email, social media & blog posts, and chats. The payMyPage (pMP) link is a payment link that opens a payment page with info about your product/service and payment options as per the payment gateways you enable.

So if you want to save these Pro Plan charges, you can use pMP links to add a supported payment gateway to Weebly pages just as a regular link in Page or the Product Description for each Product in your Weebly catalog. Pay us a tiny fee only when you get paid.

This solution is not as integrated & automated as Weebly's integrated shopping cart, and you will have to process orders manually after receiving payments, but it does the job of collecting payments for your products without a hefty monthly fee and high transaction fees!

Steps to add payment gateway to your Weebly pages

Step 1: Signup with supported payment processors

View our region-wise list of supported online payment gateways/processors. Select the gateway that suits your needs and signup with them.

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Step2: Signup with payMyPage (pMP)

Now signup with us for these unique benefits. Our online service help you use the supported payment gateway with a Weebly website without any software coding.


Step 3: Configure payment processor module(s)

Login to your pMP account and activate the payment processor module(s) you require by entering the necessary details.


Step 4: Create payment pages and get pMP short-links

Create payMyPage payment pages, and enter product/service details for the payment page that will be displayed. We will automatically create unique pMP short-links that you can use to collect online payments. (see pMP Link documentation)

Create Links

Once you create the pMP link(s), you can insert the link(s) in your item description content (see the image at the top of this page).