Free Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin cryptocurrency wallets with ZERO-fee transactions

Bitcoin & Litecoin are popular international cryptocurrencies taking the world by storm. They are accepted globally by individuals and businesses making them truly international currencies.

When you signup with you get a free account with 3 cryptocurrency wallets for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. In each wallet you can create unlimited payment addresses on which you can receive cryptocurrency payments.

Our pMP links support Bitcoin (Ƀ) and Litecoin (Ł) cryptocurrency payments with accounts. When you want to withdraw the cryptocurrency into your local currency, simply transfer the Bitcoin/Litecoin from your wallet to your local cryptocurrency exchange wallet, and request withdrawal/payout in your local currency.

Alternately, since these are global cryptocurrencies, you can use the balance in your Ƀ or Ł wallets to pay for purchases from anywhere in the world, buy pre-loaded gift cards, getting a global virtual/plastic prepaid card funded by Bitcoin, buy USD payments into your PayPal account, etc. The conversion options are many and can be found by online searches.

You need to signup with to enable Bitcoin & Litecoin payments on your pMP link(s).