Add a payment gateway to Facebook Page – sell without a website

add payment gateway to facebook page

Want To Get Paid On Facebook? We Will Make That Happen!

In most countries facebook doesn't provide an online payment processor to use with the Shop tab of facebook pages.

So how do users use a payment gateway like PayPal or crypto currency such as Bitcoin or any other payment processor on their facebook page?

The payMyPage payment link service helps you collect online payments using special payment links from your website, email, social media & blog posts, and chats. The payMyPage (pMP) link is a payment link that opens a payment page with info about your product/service and payment options as per the payment gateways you enable.

Using a pMP link you can add a supported payment gateway to facebook page just as a regular link in the Shop tab (Checkout URL when adding a Product). You can also add them in Posts or About tabs. You can also add them in the description of uploaded photos/images.

Steps to add a payment gateway to facebook page (without software coding)

Step 1: Signup with supported payment processors

If you have not signed-up with our supported payment processors, click the logos to know why you should.

Click the logos for more information.
Instamojo is very easy & quick to signup for and supports INR payments backed up by multiple Indian payment gateways with a wide range of Indian payment options. This option is only available to Indian individuals & businesses.

PayPal is an international wallet service operating in more than 190 countries that allows individuals & businesses to collect payments in popular international currencies and withdraw to their local currency. You can use INR for receiving domestic payments or USD for receiving international payments via our PayPal module. offers free Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin cryptocurrency wallets with ZERO payment transaction fees. We support Bitcoin and Litecoin payments. You can then transfer the coins to your local cryptocurrency exchange wallet for easy withdrawals. We use USD as the reference currency for real-time conversions.

Step2: Signup with payMyPage (pMP)

You are missing out on these unique features if you do not signup.


Step 3: Configure payment processor module(s)

Login to your pMP account and activate the payment processor module(s) you require by entering the necessary details.


Step 4: Create your pMP links

Create payMyPage payment links, also known as pMP links, and enter product/service details for the payment page that will be displayed.

Create Links

Once you create the pMP link(s), you can add an item in your facebook page's shop tab, and use the pMP link under Checkout URL for the item (see the image at the top of this page).