Pricing Plans


You can only signup for the TRIAL plan which is a free, full-functionality plan.
If you do not upgrade to the PRO plan in 14 days, you will automatically be moved to the forever-free LITE plan.
You can upgrade to the PRO plan at any time from the TRIAL or LITE plans.
Free Forever
(Default Plan)
Basic Functionality
Configure payment gateways without giving login details
Create and Use upto 3 pMP payment pages
Display payment options of multiple payment gateways on the same page
Automatic geo-location based usage of payment gateway modules
Display a custom thank you note on successful payments
Test page functionality with test payments (if available with payment gateway)
Require to sign-in alteast once in 30 days to keep account active
(Beginner Plan)
14 Days Full Functionality
Full functionality of PRO Plan with upto 3 pMP payment pages
Auto-Downgrades to LITE Plan on expiry of TRIAL plan after 14 Days
Try Risk-free, No Payment details required
(just ₹83.25/mth)
Advanced Functionality
All features available in the LITE plan
Create and Use UNLIMITED pMP payment pages
+ Redirect to custom URLs after Successful/Failed payments
+ Pass custom data to Success/Failure URLs using pMP link features
+ Expire pMP payment page links based on date in your timezone
+ Expire pMP payment page links based on number of payments
No 30-day sign-in requirement to keep account active
Downgrades to LITE Plan on expiry
Payment gateway service fees are not included and are billed separately by the respective payment gateway

Collect Payments Online without Coding

Use your Payment Gateway accounts with the payMyPage service

Its So Simple That You Can Do It Yourself
Collect Online Payments Anywhere Using Links
Create UNLIMITED pMP Payment Pages (with Short-Links)
Activate and Use Multiple Payment Gateways (?)
Set After-Payment Redirection or Thank You Note
Set date or number of payments to Expire each Payment Page
Payment options displayed based on Payer's Location
Same benefits across all supported Payment Gateways
Enable/Disable Payment Gateways for Payment Pages
Enable/Disable each Payment Page separately
Multiple color schemes for your Payment Pages
Test pMP Pages before going Live
Use pMP Page Links on Static or Website Buider Websites
Use pMP Page Links in any Emails / Chats / Social Posts
Ready, Customizable, Secure Payment Pages
Save Time and Cost on Website Payment Integration
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