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Are you a developer with a GitHub account?

You must already know that GitHub lets you create free static websites with their GitHub Pages service, where you can describe your projects and other information.

But did you know that you could link a payment page from one or more of your static website pages?

To get paid from the shop on your GitHub Pages pages you should add an online payment gateway to the page. However, GitHub Pages does not provide an online payment gateway/processor to use on your project's web pages.

So how can you get online payments from your GitHub Pages pages?

payMyPage (pMP) helps you collect online payments using special payment short-links. These links open pMP-hosted payment pages with info about your product/service and payment options as per the online payment gateways you enable in your pMP account. see benefits

Using easy-to-remember pMP short-links, you can collect online payments from your GitHub Pages pages. You can add a pMP link just as a regular link as a button or web link in your GitHub Pages pages. see demo and code

Once you create a new GitHub Pages project website, you can create a page with a list of products or services for which you can get paid online. You can also easily share the items with others online.

Want To Sell / Get Paid On GitHub Pages?

Follow the steps below and use our service for free!

Steps to add a payment gateway to GitHub Pages pages (without software coding)

Once you have the pMP link(s), you can add items on your GitHub Pages project pages, and use the pMP links with buttons or as web links on the pages.


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