payMyPage (pMP) Payment Page Links

Creating pMP Links

Create payment pages by logging-in to your User account and visiting this page. Select Add Page and fill the form.

After you submit the form successfully, the payment page and a short-link (pMP link) will be created.

pMP Link Format

The payment page (pMP) links are only available as short-links in the following format:[Link ID]/[Custom Value]

Link ID is an automatic number assigned by our system when you create your pMP link.

Custom Value is an optional text value (max 30 characters) you may want to pass with the link to identify the payment transaction. Valid values can include upper-case/lower-case alphabets, numbers, and "-" (hyphens). A good use for this custom text value is to use a tracking code or billing reference. This value, if present, will be passed back to your Success/Cancel URL in a querystring variable named "custom". You can see the result when you test your pMP link.

NOTE: The custom value can be viewed publicly and so can be modified by a visitor before launching the pMP link. So if you use an automated system programmatically-chained to the Success/Cancel URLs you have provided in your link settings, you should validate and sanitize the custom value before accepting it into your system after payment.

Examples of payment links with valid values are as follows:

How To Use pMP Links

You can share your pMP links on your website, paper stationery, or via Email, WhatsApp, facebook messenger, etc. as long as you do not use the links to spam any online service against their terms. Any verified complaint of link spamming will result in your account being suspended immediately.

Each pMP link opens a payment page which will open properly on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

View this sample payment page on a device of your choice:

Learn how to test your pMP Links >>


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