End of Old Plans, Start of New Ones

What is Changing?

The old Free and Paid plans are out. The new Lite and Pro plans are in.

The Pro plan is similar to the old Paid plan with all functionalities enabled and with a small annual subscription fee.

The Lite plan has all the basic payment page features that have made our service popular with micro businesses and entrepreneurs. The advanced features will not be available until upgrade.

If your Pro plan subscription expires, you will be migrated back to the Lite plan automatically.

You can view details on available features for each plan on this page.

How does this affect your Account?

All existing user accounts have been migrated on 15th August 2020 to the Lite plan which is a “forever-free” plan and has no charges.

All existing payment page configurations, including the configuration with the advanced features now reserved for the Pro plan, will continue to function as before.

However, if you wish to change the configurations for the advanced features on existing payment pages, or use them for new payment pages, you will need to upgrade to the PRO plan.

How to Upgrade?

The option to upgrade is always available in your pMP Dashboard after sign-in.

Who can upgrade?

If payMyPage supports a payment gateway in your country, you can upgrade.

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