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Flutterwave Payment Gateway for Africa

We have added Flutterwave, a modern and progressive payment gateway for our users in Africa.

Flutterwave’s vision is to make it easier for Africans to build global businesses that can make and accept any payment, anywhere from across Africa and around the world. Flutterwave supports both local and international payments and accepts signups from both individual and business users.

We have currently enabled this payment gateway for a limited number of countries from Africa based on demand seen from registered users.

Users from Nigeria can accept domestic and international Card payments, USSD payments, and Bank Account Transfers.

Users from Uganda can accept domestic and international Card payments and Mobile Money (MTN, Airtel).

Users from Kenya can accept domestic and International Cards and M-Pesa payments.

Users from South Africa can accept domestic and International Cards and ACH payments.

As we get demand from more countries in Africa we will support them as well in time.

While you can also use the payment links provided by Flutterwave, using payMyPage (pMP) payment page links you can:

  1. Add business info and product info to each of your payment pages with contacts in case of issues.
  2. Customise the appearance of your payment pages with your logo/pic and choice of colours.
  3. Use payment options from multiple payment gateways if supported for your region.
  4. Generate Flutterwave payment links automatically for each new payment without any coding.
  5. Auto-detect payer geolocation and display payment options accordingly.

Enable Flutterwave Payment Processor Module

You will also see a new payment processor module in your Dashboard that looks like this:

activate flutterwave module on paymypage

Once you signup with Flutterwave, simply click Activate and follow the instructions on the page to quickly fill-in the details and activate the module.

You can then go to the Payment Pages section to create/modify payment pages and add prices in your local currency.

pMP will automatically detect and display the applicable payment gateway options for your customers based on their geographical region.

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