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India: UPI Payments With UPI Payment Links In QR Code

payMyPage users from India get a special Local Bank Transfers module which lets them get paid via NEFT/IMPS bank-based fund transfers, or via UPI with their bank account acting as a digital wallet. The information entered by the user in this module is displayed as-is to the payer on the payment page. Additionally, in the case...

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BitPay Crypto Payment Gateway for Online Payments

We have added BitPay, a modern crypto payment gateway for our users who wish to accept online payments in crypto currencies. Get payments settled from your BitPay wallets to your bank account via local bank transfer (ACH, SEPA, FPS… if available for your country/region more details). Alternatively, you can also get a BitPay prepaid Mastercard and...

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End of Old Plans, Start of New Ones

What is Changing? The old Free and Paid plans are out. The new Lite and Pro plans are in. The Pro plan is similar to the old Paid plan with all functionalities enabled and with a small annual subscription fee. The Lite plan has all the basic payment page features that have made our service popular with micro businesses and entrepreneurs. The advanced features...

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Using PayPal in India as a Merchant

About PayPal in India PayPal Services in India are provided by PayPal Payments Private Limited located at Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. You can send & receive payments in INR and supported international currencies via PayPal in India. Sending of payments for purchasing goods & services internationally is also possible using cards issued in...

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Flutterwave Payment Gateway for Africa

We have added Flutterwave, a modern and progressive payment gateway for our users in Africa. Flutterwave’s vision is to make it easier for Africans to build global businesses that can make and accept any payment, anywhere from across Africa and around the world. Flutterwave supports both local and international payments and accepts signups from both...

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Local Bank Transfer module launched for India

We are pleased to inform our Indian users that this week we have added the Local Bank Transfer module to the list of payment gateway/processor modules available for India. NEFT/IMPS Payments NEFT/IMPS is a popular offline payment method for Indian users with Net Banking access. In most cases there are no fees levied by the bank to...

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Payment Page Themes

We currently have FOUR payment page themes for you to use across all your payMyPage (pMP) payment pages: DEFAULT WHITE BLACK SOLITUDE Each theme has a different set of colours associated with the page elements and can complement your website/logo colours to some extent for a more seamless user experience to your customers. To try...

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